The Committees of Conference cordially invite participants to submit abstracts either for oral or for poster presentation.

1. The abstract must be written in English.
2. Equations, references and non-usual acronyms must be avoided.
3. At least one author must be registered at the Conference when sending the abstract.
4. Every registered author can send a maximum of three abstracts.
5. The author/s shall indicate the presentation format (oral or poster) of the submitted abstract. However, the Scientific Committee will decide over the final format.
6. By submitting the abstract, the author also grants the International Food Data the right to publish abstracts in hard or electronic forms.
7. Abstract acceptance or rejection will be notified by e-mail as from JULY 5th, 2019. Presentation criteria and other details will also be sent in that notification.
8. The abstract will be submitted under the complete acceptance of all these criteria. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to reject any abstract, if it is not adapted to any of these criteria.

The submitted abstract shall contain the following information:

  • AUTHORS: Full names and surnames of all authors (do not include professional titles), as well as other data requested during the submission process, such as Institutional affiliation, email addresses, etc. Affiliation details must be included correctly, respecting the following format: Department. Institution. City. Country. (Please separate by dots, not by comas). Example: Department of Nutrition and Food Studies. New York University Steinhardt. New York. USA.
  • TITLE: consice, 150 characters with spaces maximum in sentence case letter (do not use only capital letter). Please use only recognizable abbreviations.
    Abstract: The abstract must contain a brief introduction and headings for objective, methodology, main findings and conclusion. The text lenght in the abstract body should not exceeed 2000 characters with spaces (neither the title nor the key words are counted).
    Key words: 3 to 6 keywords, in alphabetic order, separate with commas
  • Topics: Indicate the selected topic (please check issue C. THEMATIC AREAS).

Review carefully the work before submission.

1. Abstracts will be gathered in thematic areas for assessment and scheduling.
2. Authors must state the THEMATIC AREA (TOPIC) in wich they wish to present their abstract at the time of submission. Further, they can indicate up to one more topic in the abstract body.
3. The Scientific Committee will always try to respect the author’s choice of thematic area. However, this is subject to changes in order to achieve a balanced scientific programme.
4. The thematic areas (topics) are:

1. Analytical methods
2. National and international activities
3. Food composition in nutritional epidemiology
4. New compositional data
5. Food processing and recipe calculation
6. Data quality and metrology
7. Food authenticity
8. Food composition in agriculture, trade and legislation
9. Food data and bioinformatiocs
10. Biodiversity and environmental sustainability
11. Other

All abstracts shall be submitted through the online form within the Scientific Area on this conference website, according to the above-mentioned criteria..

If you encounter any difficulties during the submission process or for further information regarding abstract submission via website, please contact the Technical Secretariat by e-mail indicating in the subject: IFDC Portugal 2019.

IMPORTANT: Once you have sent your abstract via website, check that you have received a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive any confirmation, please send an e-mail to:


To submit your abstract via website please click here, a new tab will be open.

The terms of presentation for both, oral and poster, will be indicated shortly.

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